/rant: How Not To Make Headlines In The NFL

Every now and then a gal just has to get things off her chest. Some call it venting; others call it sounding off. I prefer to look at it as self-help therapy and a cost effective way to keep myself of sound mind in an unbalanced world. Whatever the label I’ll be doing this from time to time. So here we go. Don’t say I didn’t warn y’all.

NFL Headwear Gone Wrong

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made a questionable choice to don a Dolphins cap. It was an ill-advised move on his part and I’m not sure he really understood the gravity of his actions. Yet his 49ers teammate NaVorro Bowman defends him on Rich Eisen’s Podcast by saying simply, “It’s a fashion thing.”

Then we have the Pouncey twins, Mike and Maurkice. They were snapped wearing “Free Hernandez” hats in what can only be called a misguided attempt at supporting their former college teammate and currently incarcerated Aaron Hernandez. Whoever thought those hats were a good idea should be the bottom layer under a double Pouncey plank and left there.

It’s more than a fashion thing and it gets you and your team noticed for all the wrong reasons. How about a classy fedora and be done with it.

Pouncey Twins, Mike and Maurkice, celebrating their 24th birthday. (Credit @JazzyNice5)

Pouncey Twins, Mike and Maurkice, celebrating their 24th birthday. (Photo Credit to @JazzyNice5)

363 Days A Year

It seems innocent enough on the surface but when Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton proclaimed he’s still very much a Falcons fan at heart it couldn’t have gone over well in Carolina. If I’m a Panthers fan I do not want to hear any of this:

I’ve always been a Falcons fan, and I’m still a Falcons fan except for those two times a year.

Sometimes honesty is not the best (public) policy – especially when it involves a team in your own division. It almost makes you long for those “icon and entertainer” days, doesn’t it? At least Kaepernick wasn’t pledging his allegiance to the Miami Dolphins. It was just a fashion statement on his part.

With Great Awards Come Even Greater Scrutiny

It looks like young Johnny Football is fumbling his way through post-Heisman life. Unfortunately for him the Mannings and the rest of the NFL community have taken notice.

Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel allegedly left the Manning Passing Camp a day early because he was feeling ill. Paul Manziel told the media his son was merely dealing with a bout of dehydration. (Leave it to the highest-profiled college quarterback to redefine “dehydration” this off season.)

Per Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports who was at the Manning Passing Camp said Manziel “was not kicked out for drinking. He was kicked out for being ‘late to a couple of meetings.'” The former could be the reason for the latter but hey, if that’s what the party line is from the Mannings then okay.

It’s probably early to reach for that red flag but if Manziel can’t be trusted with the (seemingly) little things now how can he be trusted with bigger responsibilities later. This is something my mother always instilled in us as kids and it still rings true now.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. – Luke 16:10

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Why do so many athletes want to be rappers? As with anything there’s usually a reason why your day job is in fact your day job. I’m not a rap connoisseur so those of you who are please shed some light on the following release from Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson.

Hope you enjoyed my first installment of </rant>. I’m sure they’ll be more as the season starts. As always, thanks for reading.