What Kind Of Sam Bradford Fan Are You?

There’s “no doubt” just about every Rams fan has an opinion on QB Sam Bradford. Which Bradford fan do you identify with?

Rams QB Sam Bradford (12/22/14)

Rams QB Sam Bradford seen leaving the Edward Jones Dome after the last home game of the season on 12/22/13. (Personal Photo taken with the Motorola Droid MAXX)

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Most fans fall under the following four categories. Which Sam Bradford fan are you?

The Sam Bradford Apologist

Sam the Man can do no wrong. How do you expect him to succeed in the conditions he’s had to endure? He’s had to play with sub par talent around him and not to mention three different offensive coordinators in his four years as a Ram.

It’s been Mission Impossible in St. Louis and as great as Bradford is he is no Ethan Hunt. Bradford’s ACL tear derailed him finishing off what looked to be his break out season. His best is yet to come, just you wait.

The Sam Bradford Lobbyist

Sam just needs some stability in his life. His wish list includes a strong and consistent offensive line, real offensive weapons to complement him, and a coordinator who can call the right plays. He was well on his way to having a great year before succumbing to a season-ending injury. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together. Bradford just needs a full season to show that he was worthy of that first overall pick.

The Sam Bradford Realist

I don’t dislike Sam but this is the best we will see out of him. He’s a good QB. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s had enough time to prove he’s the type of QB that elevate those around him and he hasn’t done so.

“It is what it is.”

Sitting at #2 in the 2014 draft this might be time to draft his successor.

The Sam Bradford Pessimist 

Bradford hasn’t lived up to the $50 million in guaranteed salary or the expectations of being the overall number one pick so far and probably won’t. The Rams should part ways with Bradford – eat the $7 million in dead money for 2014 and some humble pie, admit they’re wrong, and move on. Why keep wasting money that can be used to upgrade other positions?

What do you do about Sam Bradford?

With the 2013 season in the books the St. Louis Rams shift their focus to the offseason –  familiar and frustrating place to be in year in and year out at the end of December.

(Insert a long “le sigh…” here.) – That was especially for you, @3k_.

Bradford just finished up his fourth year in the NFL with W/L records of:

2010: 7-9 (OROY) - 354/590 for 3512 yds, 18 TDs-15 INTs, 76.5 Rating.
2011: 1-9        - 191/357 for 2164 yds, 6 TDs-6 INTs,   70.5 Rating. 
2012: 7-8-1      - 328/551 for 3702 yds, 21 TDs-13 INTs, 82.6 Rating.
2013: 3-4        - 159/262 for 1687 yds, 14 TDs-4 INTs,  90.9 Rating.

In 2011, he missed 6 games due to a lingering high ankle injury. In 2013, well… he got bit by the ACL bug in week 7 during the Carolina Panthers game.

Rams General manager Les Snead’s recently disclosed in an interview with FOX Sports 1’s Alex Marvez that Bradford has been cleared for treadmill running. His rehab is on schedule, folks.

But unlike his rehab prognosis Bradford’s perceivable worth is not unquestionable.

Per Over The Cap, Bradford is due a whopping $14 million in base salary with a total salary cap number of over $17.6 million in 2014. With the 2014 salary cap expected to be around $126.3 million (and assuming no contract restructuring) Bradford would account for 13.9% of the Rams total payroll.

Over The Cap's salary breakdown of Rams QB Sam Bradford.

Over The Cap‘s salary breakdown of Rams QB Sam Bradford.

In four letters: O-U-C-H.

Further complicating (or easing) the issue depending on how you feel about Bradford is the fact that the Rams have prime real estate at the #2 spot courtesy of the Washington Redskins in the 2014 draft.

Do they draft a QB at #2 (I wouldn’t be shocked but who knows), trade out of #2 for more picks and draft a QB in a later round (most likely), or trade out of #2 for a future first round pick and get a QB in 2015?

Of course, they still have their own pick at 13 overall which further opens up more scenarios.

I started out three years ago as a “lobbyist” but as the years wore on I find myself identifying with the “realists.” It’s unfortunate for all involved that Bradford’s 2013 campaign was cut short. My guess is he will get another shot at it in 2014.

In any case, they need to address the “Who’s the Rams back up QB?” question again this off-season. Kellen Clemens performed above expectations but he nor Austin Davis seem to be the long-term solution.

If you’re Les Snead and Coach Fisher what do you do?

Techie Thoughts

Y’all know I can barely get tweets out from the Edward Jones Dome from my iPhone. Twitter and home games in the 400-level seats are no bueno if you’re using an iPhone on AT&T. Friends who use the other big carriers complain of the same problem.

That all changed when I started using my Motorola Droid MAXX on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Verizon isn’t perfect but at least I’m able to send texts to meet up with friends during halftime and tweet out photos of the pre-game activities.

Being able to flick my wrist two time and turn on the camera in the bitter cold is also a great feature of the Droid MAXX. Otherwise I’m not sure I would have been outside that long to catch Rams players as they are exiting the EJD for the last time in 2013.