Things I Think About The St. Louis Rams Offseason

 The one where I sound off on what’s been going on so far with the St. Louis Rams.

Michigan OT Taylor Lewan at the 2014 Combine (St. Louis Rams photo)

Michigan OT Taylor Lewan at the 2014 Combine (Courtesy The Rams website this him labeled as “Jake Lewan.” I know they’re both Michigan OTs but c’mon. lol.

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It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a rant so here we are inspired by many tweets on my timeline. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time.

1) I think Rams fans need to accept the fact that Sam Bradford is the man in St. Louis.

Bradford is one of the two major reasons Jeff Fisher accepted the head coaching job in St. Louis. The other reason was to work for Stan Kroenke. Of course, the $7 million paycheck doesn’t hurt either.

You can hear Fisher repeat himself (again) directly from the 2/28/14 The Rich Eisen Podcast or on Stitcher for Android. (My listening device of choice is my Motorola Droid MAXX.) Once you get through all the competition committee questions Fisher addresses the QB non%controversy.

All you Bradford meh-ers and haters might want to buckle up for at least one more year (if not more if the Rams do indeed offer him that contract extension they’ve been talking about).

Like it or not Bradford is the St. Louis Rams QB until he gets hurts again for the foreseeable future.

2) I think I’m already sick of mock drafts.

Roughly 1,562,996 mock drafts will flood your screens between now and the actual draft which takes place on May 8-10 in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. They should come with a “for entertainment purposes only” disclaimer though.



: an exam that does not count and that is done to practice for a real exam : a mock exam

Mock drafts are put out there to get (respectful) conversations going about the teams’ needs and players who could fill them. Apparently they also exist to annoy the hell out of others on Twitter.

Some of y’all need to calm down. It’s just a practice folks. I’ve seen way too many fans overreact to way too many mocks these past few weeks. No need for name calling or insulting someone’s intelligence or lack thereof.

Sometimes we just need to agree to disagree with civility. Can’t we just all get along?

3) I think I’ve heard this one before: The Rams need to solidify their offensive line.

Left tackle Jake Long is rehabbing torn ACL/MCL. Chris Williams may or may not be back. Oft-injured high-priced center Scott Wells and left guard Harvey Dahl have big cap hits ($6.5M and $4M respectively per Last but not least, free agent Rodger Saffold. He started at LT, but got bounced to RT when the Rams brought in Long, then didn’t like it but excelled at RG.

There’s also the question of where in the world is 2013’s fourth round pick Barrett Jones? Will he be ready to make a contribution in 2014 after basically redshirting his rookie year?

4) I think there’s really nothing new to report about the stadium lease or Los Angeles.

Anyone telling you or reporting “sources” that claim to know what St. Louis Rams have planned about the stadium lease issue or the possible supposed alleged rumors of a potential move to Los Angeles is doing some serious PFTMZ-grade trolling.

We will hear from Mr. Kroenke and the Rams in due time. As ESPN’s Andrew Brandt always says, “Deadlines spur action.” Without a clear-cut deadline looming for the Rams and St. Louis this will be a drawn out process.

As with most things Rams related, patience is required and recommended for sanity’s sake.

5) I think I agree with Nick Wagoner of The Rams should take the BPA (best player available) at whatever spot(s) they end up in the first round.

At some point quality should take precedence over quantity. Stock piling extra draft picks down the line or for 2015 is a fine idea but assuming the Rams don’t end up at the top half of the draft order every year they need to take a real game changer.

Luckily for the Rams they’ll still have numerous options regardless of who the Houston Texans take first overall. If Jadeveon Clowney is sitting there for the Rams at #2 it’d be hard to pass on him.