The Pigskin Arch 2.0

“A Change Would Do You Good.”

No truer words have never been spoken. Thanks for the inspiration, Sheryl Crow.

I was burnt out and this is what it looked like… a blank screen.

Writer's block

Writer’s block at its finest.

My day job and real life got the better of me while writing got pushed further down the list of things to do. The fact that it was even on list of “things to do” told me a change was necessary.

Time away from writing was both easy and hard. Easy because I had more hours in the day for other things. Hard because I felt out of the loop and needed to express reactions to breaking news.

I fought back urges of long form rave, rant, and vent, instead limiting myself to 140-character tweets. After a while, that wasn’t good enough. Yes, folks, size does matter. Anyone who says differently is selling something from Pfizer.

Absence made the heart grow fonder and my fingers itch to type. So here I am with my trusty scribe fedora in tow and writing is once again on the list of “Things I want to do”.

Fedora, Change

My writing tools: MacBook Air, fedora, reading glasses, and inspirational “Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah” rubber stamp.

I’ll still be covering the Rams but also branching out a bit more into the NFL. From time to time I’ll delve into other topics too: entertainment, parenting, other sports, and anything else that catches my fancy.

My self-imposed hiatus is over so ready or not world… I’m back.

Welcome to The Pigskin Arch 2.0!


* Special thanks to Doug Farrar (@SC_DougFarrar), Russell Baxter (@BaxFootballGuru), and Alex Miglio (@AlexMiglio) for their support. Also to Will Horton (@Ramsherd) for helping make the new site possible. As they say in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”… Gratitude.