Redbox Instant Review

Netflix doesn’t have to worry about competition from this beta version of Redbox Instant.

Redbox Instant Home Page

Redbox Instant Home Page

“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Fans Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”

I love watching movies. My kids love watching movies. We are a movie lovin’ family.

We are Amazon Prime members and also use the Redbox kiosk for impulse movie rentals. During the summer we subscribe to Netflix when the kids have more free time.

On average we rent about 2-3 Redbox movies a month anyway so when Verizon announced they had an alternative to Netflix and Amazon Prime I was all for trying it out for 30 days.

What it all entails – For $7.99 a month you get the following:

Redbox Instant in a nutshell

Redbox Instant in a nutshell

Sign up for the free trial.

I was already a registered user of Redbox (kiosk) so all I needed to do was log into my account and click a button.

Easy enough and away we went.

Use the Four DVD rental credits (every month) at the kiosks.

Four rental credits could mean four 1-day rentals, two 2-day rentals, or any other combination that adds up to four.

We had no problem using these up: rented two 1-day movies (2 credits) and ended up keeping one movie for two days (2 credits).

Stream movies online to my laptop, TV via XBOX 360, and/or mobile device.

Now this is what I was hoping would be the deal sealer. Unfortunately, Redbox Instant’s library didn’t pass the all important kid test.

A Sample of Redbox Instant Family Movies

I tried to get them to pick out a few movies to stream but they either didn’t recognize the titles i.e., “I’ve never heard of this movie before mom.” Or they weren’t interested in watching “really old movies.”

Not to sound harsh but Redbox Instant’s “subscription library of hits” (the family and kids section at least) reads like a list of B-rated movies found at your neighborhood garage sale. Apologies to the fans of “Adventures of Marco Polo.”

I didn’t know more than half the movies listed in their family section either. This was really disappointing to say the least.

Redbox Instant also offers the options to rent or purchase movies digitally. Naturally, that selection of movies seemed more up-to-date. Yes, it’s all subjective but the free subscription section wasn’t that appealing to me. Maybe others will find their selection more interesting than I found it.

At that point we just decided to use the kiosk credits and not bother with the streaming service. Especially after reading a few reviews on Google Play Store that subscribers were not very happy with buffering/streaming problems.

When Redbox Instant comes out with better/gamma(?) version I’ll definitely give them another try. But for now for our family’s needs we will be sticking with Amazon Prime and the Redbox kiosk.

Let me know how your experience with Redbox Instant has been.